Angel Fantasy (A Collection of Fantasy Short Stories)

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I picture someone taking someone's hand and leading them into a room where suddenly all the characters are dancing in a triangle formation. Let's all just agree that a happy ending that doesn't lead to medals should lead, instead, to a massively choreographed dance sequence.

Arete (Sci-fi Fantasy Short Film)

The story never ends Like the ending of Angel, basically. This can be done really well — suggesting that the adventures will go on, there will be more battles, the heroes will always keep trying to make the universe a better place. Or it can be done badly, and look like a botched cliffhanger with no resolution.

Fantasy and magic stories for 6–7 year olds

The key to doing it well seems to be in providing enough of a gracenote, like Angel's "I want to slay the dragon. A related type of ending: You can tell how things are probably going to turn out, but the story fades to black before we quite get there.

Like The Sopranos , I guess. We're lost forever This might work well for shows about people traveling in the wilderness or exploring in space — imagine if Star Trek: Voyager had ended with the Voyager being flung even further out into space, to someplace the ship could never get home from.

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I like endings where people realize they're going to be journeying forever — it feels poetic and wistful, but also inspiring in the same way as the "story goes on" ending mentioned above. The fourth wall shatters Basically, the Blazing Saddles ending. Or maybe, the Batman: The Brave and the Bold ending.

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  • Michelle Madow is a hot name in the indie community. An urban fantasy series filled with romance, action, and a great character arc for Raven as she finds her strength.

    A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin

    Madow delivers a quick and engaging read perfect for fans of angels, demons, and sexy shapeshifters. This book is a controversial inclusion. Dawn — Chris is under magic probation for using magic underage in the human world.

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    At least, until he meets this new girl…. Click here to cancel reply.

    Angel Mage

    Skip to Main Content. Tell your friends! Share Tweet Pin. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Can she? How can she possibly live up to the expectations of the angels when she has her own human problems to deal with? I wanted to play with these notions. I thought that a real human being would lie somewhere between them as well.

    I tried to make Freya, my main character, reflect those human qualities: a decent person, but as selfish as the rest of us; wanting to do the right thing, but afraid of making mistakes and endangering herself. In the end, this story became a kind of moral fable about my view on the right way to behave in the world.

    Book Review: Magic Academy, A YA Contemporary Fantasy Short Story Collection | Angel Leya, Author

    I didn't mean it to, but books sometimes take on a strange life of their own. Nikki Gamble, The Bookseller 'Tense, quirky and highly individual, this story has plenty going for it. The Daily Telegraph 'What a book. And at moments, it reaches the sublime. But when one of those angels begins to stalk her, its shadow following her everywhere, Freya is forced to make decisions from which there is no turning back.