Can’t You Just Go To Sleep Already?!?

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I still have one bad night every few weeks, but nothing like what I dealt with prior. A daily banana and the chewable magnesium I mentioned above. Try it for a few days and reply back if it works. Hopefully, others will find this helpful. I thank God I stumbled upon it.


Sleeping hours again is bliss. Jerks causing sleep deprivation.. Sedatives cause weird side effects.. Will try banana and magnesium supplement.. Drinking Zinger tea before bed helped with my night jerks and sweating. It was suggested by my acupuncturist. Amongst other things, I noticed that in periods when my mind was occupied by other things, I would have fewer Jerks.

There could still be nights of only a few hours of broken sleep, especially those nights when I knew I had to perform or present something at work the next day. About a year ago I realized that fundamentally i had to get rid of fear. To say it clearly: the day you stop being afraid of dying from insomnia, thats the Day your journey back to normality starts.

Even today when im fatigued i can get Jerks, but its just overload of adrenaline. It never keeps me awake for Long anymore. You need to let the Words sink in. Im sure you will know deep down the Day you Will actually believe it. Accept when you fall back into despair, its only human. Safe journey :. I experienced this the first time 5 years ago, and I was smashed into despair the following months.

Twice I had my wife drive me to the psychiatric hospital to get help, pills, or whatever could give me a Hope that I was going to sleep again and survive. I got pills but no answers. After 5 years of a journey into myself, I have now found the answer. And it is, luckily, very simple: its all about adrenaline. When I started to truly believe this was the cause, and I started to not care about the Jerks, they subsided. The jerks are really your body trying to get rid of adrenaline. They are not a cause, they are an effect. An effect of adrenaline overload.

For the past year I have not had any sleepless night. By experience I know it takes time to deeply believe this, so be patient and accept when you detract into fear. The solution is really to face fear deeply. It takes time to understand these simple Words though. They are, however,the solution to this catch 22 situation. The key words are understanding, acceptance, and patience. Safe journey out there, the solution is within you not in pills or alcohol. I am very interested in talking to you about this more than you realize! Thank you I believe you but need a bit of support and I have a couple of questions.

How did you calm yourself?

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Did you use any supplements or nutritional changes did you do any other changes whatsoever when you stopped? When it happens, it normally comes on for 2 to 3 nights in a row, leaving me almost like a stroke patient for a few days.

Any ideas would be helpful and most appreciated. I do have anxiety, which is pretty well managed. I am having the same issues, which is definitely related to mold illness. Very frustrated and most days feel hopeless. This happens to me regularly because of stress and muscle pressure.

When I learned this was a side effect I immediately weaned myself of the medication. The jerks seemed to improve for a few weeks but have since come back tenfold. I get violent attacks that affect my abdomen, legs, forehead muscles, wrists, lips, cheeks, neck and just about any part of my body that has a muscle, I get at least 15 to 20 attacks per night before I fall asleep if I sleep at all, which is becoming rare and the more sleep deprived I get the worse the jerks are.

I feel like my body is defective, this is a form of torture. Please help. My body jerk when I am about to sleep. I have the same problem as you. Jerk and some twitching all before sleep start.

10 Reasons Why You Still Can’t Sleep

I was put one medication but when I stop the medicine the jerk is back. Spoken to a few friends and they experience this for about a year and it goes off by its own. Each night I wonder when will this go off. I have a post here already. I was having allergy type symptoms and a coworker suggested Allegra D. I got a full body hypnic jerk the first night. I only realized after the 3rd nite of whole body jerks. The weirdest one was the stomach muscles literally feeling like they were ripping! All i knew was every time I fell asleep I was immediately woken by a violent jerk from one part of my body to another.

I only realized that night after going on the Internet that it was from the Allegra D. My neurologist actually said it was specifically from the D in the Allegra which is actually a chemical that they make Methamphetamine out of! I also have to tell you I am 59 years old and consider myself almost a naturalist. Rarely even take an Advil!

Im so sorry I ever took anything now!! Anyway my Neurologist said my jerks were definitely from that and I had a severe allergic reaction to it. That its taking a lot longer than usual to go away because I have a very sensitive system to anything I take because Ive never taken a lot of stuff.

24 Tips Real People Use To Get The Fuck To Sleep

My neurologist said this will percent go away if it is drug-related. He set me up for a 2 day EEG in about 2 weeks from now but thinks this will be totally out of my system before I get to that point. After about 3 weeks of the jerking and very little sleep I started going to an Acupuncturist.

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He said he would detox me which meant needles in the gut. He also distresses me with other parts of my body. Since Ive been going to him I am doing better and better.

Cries Often and Inconsolably

I had 8 goid nites in a row which means I only jerked in the very beginning of the nite maybe 6 or 7 times but they were not strong enough to make me not fall asleep. By the way throughout this ordeal all I took was Melatonin. I tried Klonopin prescribed by my doctor after the first week but that made me jittery. I stuck with Melatonin 3 mg. I took half of it in the beginning of nite and half after waking up after 3 hours which gave me 5 or 6 hours of sleep which was good enough to keep me going each day. Thank goodness the Accupuncture started working because the Melatonin stopped working and I was terrified at the thought of getting another pharmaceutical.

Anyway, i had 8 good nites and then 3 of no jerking at all! Then the next nite I had some strong ones as I was falling asleep and then I panicked and took a Melatonin. I slept about 4 and a half hours and woke up at 6. When I tried to fall asleep boom i got a full body jerk.

That was the first time Ive tried falling back to sleep in the morning and I totally did not expect that! My Acupuncturist said not to worry if I had a bad night or 2 in a row that sometimes it gets worse then even better. Last nite I didnt have any again but again tried to fall back to sleep at 6 but my shoulder jerked hard so I got up. I go to my Acupuncturist tomorrow. I start to think it triggered something in my nervous system that is chronic. Im hoping not. I would say to everyone look into any medications or vitamins you are taking if you suddenly get this horrible thing.

These jerks are definitely pure torture.

Hypnic Jerks: How To Stop Muscle Spasms Jolting You Awake

Sleep is everything! What I want to know is exactly your question. Why did it come back and why more violent and is it chronic? And I wonder how long you were on the drug you were on and did your doctor say it would go away after stopping?