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A Handbook to the Reception of Classical Mythology

Visit the Australia site Continue on UK site. Bloomsbury Research Handbooks in Asian Philosophy. Goodwin Award of Merit from the American Philological Association that organization's highest scholarly award for Poetic Garlands , has twice won the Gildersleeve Award for the best article in the American Journal of Philology , and received the Rieveschl Award for scholarly excellence at the University of Cincinnati. Eleni Hatzaki is an Aegean Prehistorian working on Crete with research interests in the archaeology of Prehistoric Knossos, ceramic production and consumption, burial customs and society, site formation processes, and household archaeology.

She came to the University of Cincinnati from the British School at Athens where she held the academic positions of Assistant Director and Knossos Curator John Bennet Sheffield and Dr. Her long-standing academic association with Knossos urban development, labyrinthine stratigraphy, pottery, and architecture started while a graduate student of Mervyn Popham who suggested the Little Palace excavated in the s by Arthur Evans as a suitable Oxford D. A new fieldwork project is at planning stage in collaboration with Dr.

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Bogaard Oxford and Dr. Mirjam E. Kotwick PhD LMU Munich, Germany, is a philologist with research interests in Greek literature, philosophy, and science as well as textual criticism and the reconstruction of philosophical and poetical texts. Her first book is a Here she reconstructs the Metaphysics texts available to Alexander, all older than our earliest manuscripts, and uses them to improve the text of the Metaphysics and shed light on its intricate tradition and reception.

This papyrus contains an intriguing late fifth century BCE treatise in which an anonymous author interprets an Orphic theogony as presocratic physics.

Faculty Senate | Brandeis University

Her current projects include a study on dreams and their interpretation in literature, philosophy, and early science. She recently has also become interested in how computer technologies like natural language processing and machine learning can advance classical editorial scholarship. I am a Roman historian with a broad interest in ancient history and historiography, in particular the historiography of late antiquity.

My work to date has focused on the reign of the emperor Justinian r. It posits that historical narratives were revised, redeployed, and contested as part of an ongoing debate over the nature and goals of the Roman empire, and its relationship to the city of Rome and the Gothic Kingdom in Italy. My full CV as well as samples of my publications may be found on my Academia page. Kathleen M. In particular, she is a ceramic specialist interested in Athenian figured wares from archaeological contexts. Her research currently spans a number Her research currently spans a number of ceramic related topics from issues of Attic chronology to iconography to symposia to the Greek household.

She is currently publishing ceramic material from Troy, Gordion, and the excavations of the Athenian Agora. She won the UC Dolly A. Cohen Award for excellence in teaching, and the Provost's Award for faculty excellence in Full CV available here. Daniel Markovich is a philologist with a broad interest in Greek and Latin poetics, rhetoric, and philosophy. Daniel seeks to explain the power of literature to refresh and change our mental image of the world and of ourselves; his research and teaching explore the ways in which linguistic, structural, and thematic features of particular ancient works achieve this goal.

His current research is devoted mostly to Greco-Roman exhortations to philosophy protreptics as the first texts in Western literature that systematically address the question of the proper goal of education. Against utilitarian and socializing visions of education, these texts promote the Socratic argument that the ultimate ethical and educational goal lies in personal well-being and happiness. Susan H. Susan Prince's research interests are in the history of ancient Greek thought and literature, especially the Socratic traditions.

Her primary projects are on Antisthenes and the ancient Cynics. Her teaching interests cover Greek and Roman Her teaching interests cover Greek and Roman literature from its beginnings, Homer and Hesiod, to the prose authors of the high Roman Empire, especially those who wrote in Greek. His research is informed by an interest in the entanglements of science and society. Inspired by turns in medical history and medical anthropology, his current book-project examines Inspired by turns in medical history and medical anthropology, his current book-project examines the ways health and disease were conceived of and experienced as biological, social, and political phenomena in antiquity.

Among other things, he is interested in the historical uses and abuses of the Hippocratic Corpus; cultural perceptions of heredity; and divination, epistemology, and institutionalism in the Mediterranean. He has published in leading journals and is a regular contributor to Synapsis, a public-facing project in support of the medical humanities.

Literature for Fashion Research Part 2: Field-specific Research Books and Biographies

He has taught courses on ancient religion and magic, Graeco-Roman medicine, and dreams in the ancient and modern world. Peter van Minnen PhD is an ancient historian broadly interested in the society, economy, and culture of the Roman Empire, including Early Christianity and Late Antiquity. He is an authority on papyri from Greco-Roman Egypt and made world He is an authority on papyri from Greco-Roman Egypt and made world news in with the discovery of the so-called Cleopatra papyrus.

He has taught in Classics and History departments around the world, as well as in Divinity and Law schools. His students have worked on Late Antique poetry, religion, and urban history, and on the transition from the Republic or Hellenistic period to the early Roman Empire from a variety of perspectives literature, institutions, iconography, coins. All PhDs hold tenure-track positions in the US or abroad.

He is currently engaged in two projects: the edition of a family archive from Hermopolis with Greek athletes in the family and a study of documents from Alexandria complementing archaeology and literature; with a web component. His publications now number over and include studies of the archaeological context of literature and documents, the Roman economy, and women in Greco-Roman Egypt. He loves numbers and looks forward to sharing his passion for agriculture, demography, and taxation… Since he edits the Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, which involves one or two graduate assistants.

For more information, see his academia. David Stifler PhD Duke, is a philologist with broad interests in the intellectual and social history of language usage throughout Greek and Roman civilization.


His primary research focuses on the debates surrounding the Greek and Latin His primary research focuses on the debates surrounding the Greek and Latin languages during the Classicizing intellectual movement of the Second Sophistic, including the competing claims to linguistic expertise and the complex relationships between language practice, ethnicity, and cultural identity.

The satirical treatment of the era by the Syrian author Lucian of Samosata is the main subject of Dr. Stifler's current book project, which explores the different linguistic-ideological positions that Lucian caricatures and looks to Lucian as a guide to the intellectual landscape of the period. Other related interests include the debates on linguistic purism and fusion in the works of Aulus Gellius and Athenaeus, as well as an investigation into the usefulness of second century Atticizing lexicons for reconstructing the social strata of Imperial Greece.

As an educator, he is focused on developing effective, research-based pedagogy for ancient languages as well as integrating active language use into the undergraduate curriculum. His main research focuses on the use and function of Jews and Judaism in the works of Christians and pagans in Late Antiquity.

His current book project, He has also written on Pseudo-Philo and Ezekiel the Tragedian. Other academic interests include Greco-Roman history, Greco-Roman thought and law, early Christianity, biblical reception, post-colonial studies, and semiotics.

He also has two law degrees from McGill University. Michelini works in the areas of tragic drama and Platonic studies. She is the author of two books on tragic drama, including Euripides and the Tragic Tradition.

She is also the author of an edited volume, Plato as Author Professor Emerita Ann N. She is also the author of an edited volume, Plato as Author: The Rhetoric of Philosophy, and has published a number of articles and reviews on topics in drama and philosophy.

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Her current research deals with the Phoenician Women of Euripides and dialogue technique in Plato's Protagoras. With Ruby Blondell, she is co-organizer of a Colloquium Group, "Plato as Literary Author," that fosters the literary analysis of Platonic dialogues at meetings of the American Philological Association. Also for the colloquium, she maintains an email list that reaches 97 classicists and philosophers in the US and abroad.

Michael Martin Sage Professor, emeritus This email address is being protected from spambots. At present I am engaged on a source book on Roman warfare to serve as a companion to a Greek one published in It will contain introductory general essays, essays on specific topics as well as translations of relevant passages. The period The period covered will be from the regal period to the end of the fourth century.

The Oxford Handbook of Engineering and Technology in the Classical World

At present I am working on the second chapter which deals with the origins and development of thew manipular army. Command structure, logistics, social factors, equipment and descriptions of various types of battles. The sources used are of all types including literary sources, archaeological material, coins and inscriptions. Before moving to Cincinnati, she taught for two years at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Before moving to Cincinnati, she taught for two years at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Uppsala.