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After the first four levels, there is an ad every second level. I understand the developers make most of their money from ads, but that is just a little excessive. Ads are overwhelming you can get stuck and have to restart a lot.

And worst of all. I went through the game and unlocked every outfit.

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But I have to buy the 3 dollar game just to wear my achievements?! Come on! I finally deleted the app after my third instant death. You watch an add to play the next level and as soon as it starts 6 guys go first and kill you. Game over. Was interesting when it worked. Lame cash grab.

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After they update to Avoid this game. Played this game, loved it, bought it to unlock everything, then got the bug that makes the main game unplayable. A waste both of money and talent. Crashes, no developer help.

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Cool game, nice graphics and music, but am stuck at day 7, step 3 where my game will no longer load where I left off. Which is a bummer.

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I love this game but at some point an update now makes the game unplayable. The screen just goes black and nothing works. I used to play this game for hours a day.

Infinite West

It tries force me to buy a revive. I have to hard reset it to keep it from burning a revive. The game seems fun You have to restart the game every time you die. Its absurd. Not fun. Do not buy! Its not like the GO games. I seldom write reviews, and when I do, it is usually for a game I found exceptionally good. BUT, this is ludicrous. I was intrigued by the strategy element of the game and decided to give it a try. Worked quickly through to day 4 or 5 and everything going great.

A reasonable challenge and how you plan ahead does make a difference. No, here I am with 3 bullets and about 10 advanced enemies. Give up restart day and lose your upgrades or Buy a revive? I paid 2 bucks for 8 seconds of play?!? Hmmmm, let me see how to go back to day 1 and start over. I press the button Now I have to buy the whole game again?!?

I deleted game tried restoring purchases, nothing. It looks like a fun game, but no way am I paying twice for the same thing. Be warned! I discovered that it had not reset on my phone still asking me to buy again on I-pad , so I played to the end of day 9 or These developers need to decide if they are going to charge you for the game or charge you to continue into the harder levels but NOT both. I bought the game!?! I get to face the same bad guys except now I have lost every single upgrade and have 3 bullets, 3 dashes, and 3 lives!

Oh, silly me, pay extra for additional lives?

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Infinite West

See All. Install Free. Save Saved. The app keeps pushing sooooo hard to make you buy the app. Come on Super fun game, but too many ads make it impossible to get into. Have fun paying for every little thing or watching a bunch of ads. What a piece of garbage. It is not the full game and does not say anything till you beat level 7.

But you have to pay for it Free to play stops working once you die. Purchased full game.