Last Nazis: SS Werewolf Guerrilla Resistance in Europe 1944-1947

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The Muslims should be considered blessed that the Americans don't treat them the way they treated the Germans. May 9, - Published on Amazon. Here's the thing.. I enjoy hard historical military literature. I enjoy picking the brains of great generals and statesmen, etc. But this book drags on at first. I think it is the structure of the book. The author is very capable of telling a great story and the material is well researched and interesting.

The problem lies in the fact that the first section of the book goes into great detail involving the hierarchy of the Werwolf movement which, even by nazi standards, was a jumbled bureaucratic mess. Jump around. Read about the Werwolf exploits, then their mottled command structure. Final word is, if you are interested in or ever wanted to discover more about the Nazi guerilla movement I highly recommend this book.

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There are plenty of great, well documented stories of the insurgents and their methods. They just surface a bit later in the book.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. However, as a result of Goebbels' efforts, Werwolf had, and in many cases continues to have, a mythological reputation as having been an underground Nazi resistance movement, with some even claiming that Werwolf attacks continued for months, or even years, after the end of the war—-in particular, sources cited by West Coast radio broadcaster Dave Emory , for instance in this archived program on audio , following a brief first segment.

Its perceived influence went far beyond its actual operations, especially after the dissolution of the Nazi regime. Historians Antony Beevor and Earl F. Ziemke have argued that Werwolf never amounted to a serious threat, and furthermore propose that the plan barely existed. German historian Golo Mann , in his The History of Germany Since also states that "The [Germans'] readiness to work with the victors, to carry out their orders, to accept their advice and their help was genuine; of the resistance which the Allies had expected in the way of 'werwolf' units and nocturnal guerrilla activities, there was no sign.

Perry Biddiscombe has offered a somewhat different view.

In his books Werwolf! However, he characterizes German post-surrender resistance as "minor", [31] and calls the post-war Werwolfs "desperadoes" [32] and "fanatics living in forest huts".

Last Nazis: SS Werewolf Guerrilla Resistance in Europe 1944-1947

Army intelligence reports that characterized Nazi partisans as "nomad bands" [34] and judged them as less serious threats than attacks by foreign slave laborers [35] and considered their sabotage and subversive activities to be insignificant. Biddiscombe also says that Werwolf violence failed to mobilize a spirit of popular national resistance, that the group was poorly led, armed, and organized, and that it was doomed to failure given the war-weariness of the populace and the hesitancy of young Germans to sacrifice themselves on the funeral pyre of the former Nazi regime.

He concludes that the only significant achievement of the Werwolfs was to spark distrust of the German populace in the Allies as they occupied Germany, which caused them in some cases to act more repressively than they might have done otherwise, which in turn fostered resentments that helped to enable far right ideas to survive in Germany, at least in pockets, into the post-war era.

Nevertheless, says Biddiscombe, "The Werewolves were no bit players"; [38] they caused tens of millions of dollars of property damage at a time when the European economies were in an already desperate state, and they were responsible for the killing of thousands of people. According to Biddiscombe "the threat of Nazi partisan warfare had a generally unhealthy effect on broad issues of policy among the occupying powers.

As well, it prompted the development of draconian reprisal measures that resulted in the destruction of much German property and the deaths of thousands of civilians and soldiers". The German resistance movement was successfully suppressed in In the Soviet occupation zone , thousands of youths were arrested as "Werwolves".

The report, though referring to incidents where Soviet units came under fire from the woods, [55] asserts that most of the arrested had not been involved in any action against the Soviets, which Serov explained with interrogation results allegedly showing that the boys had been "waiting" for the right moment and in the meantime focused on attracting new members.

Eisenhower believed he would be faced with extensive guerrilla warfare , based on the Alpine Redoubt. Eisenhower had previously also requested that the occupation directive JCS not make him responsible for maintaining living conditions in Germany under the expected circumstances; " If conditions in Germany turn out as described, it will be utterly impossible effectively to control or save the economic structure of the country In April Churchill announced that the Allies would incarcerate all captured German officers for as long as a guerrilla threat existed.

Prior to the occupation SHAEF investigated the reprisal techniques the Germans had used in order to maintain control over occupied territories since they felt the Germans had had good success. Baillie Grohman for example stated that killing hostages was "not in accordance with our usual methods".

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From onward, Allied intelligence officials noted resistance activities by an organisation which had appropriated the name of the anti-Nazi resistance group, the Edelweiss Piraten Edelweiss Pirates. The group was reported to be composed mainly of former members and officers of Hitler Youth units, ex-soldiers and drifters, and was described by an intelligence report as "a sentimental, adventurous, and romantically anti-social [movement]". It was regarded as a more serious menace to order than the Werwolf by US officials.

A raid in March captured 80 former German officers who were members, and who possessed a list of persons to be liquidated, including Wilhelm Hoegner , the prime minister of Bavaria. Further members of the group were seized with caches of ammunition and even anti-tank rockets. In late reports of activities gradually died away.


In Danish police uncovered files in their archives outlining the Danish part of Operation Werwolf under the command of Horst Paul Issel who was caught in Germany in before being handed over to Denmark. Rice, postwar Germany was nothing like Iraq" [66] in which he took Rice and Rumsfeld to task for mentioning Werwolf, writing that the reality of postwar Germany bore no resemblance to the occupation of Iraq, and made reference to Antony Beevor 's Berlin: The Downfall and the US Army's official history, The U.

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Army in the Occupation of Germany — , [67] where the Werwolf were only mentioned twice in passing. The alternate history novel The Man with the Iron Heart by American author Harry Turtledove depicts a Werwolf operation under the successful command of Reinhard Heydrich in this scenario he's survived the attempt on his life by British-trained Czech partisans.

With the aid of a strong peace movement arising in the US angry at the rising casualties after the war's official end, the US and Britain withdraw occupation troops from Germany, even after Heydrich is killed, leaving it open for a takeover again by the Nazi Party. Lars von Trier uses the Werwolf-theme as backdrop in his movie Europa.

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