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At this point his musings were broken by confused shoutings and whistles.

Mansour's Musings

He muses upon the irony of fate: and the world is the richer for his musings. The sour neglect and systematic opposition of the rising party of the dissenters had outwearied his musings. The zipper-mouth face emoji depicts a face and two eyes, with the mouth appearing as a silver zipper, complete with a dangling zipper pull.

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Seasons as Nouns or Adjectives When a season …. Origin of musing Middle English word dating back to —; see origin at muse , -ing 2 , -ing 1. Examples from the Web for musings Contrary to the musings of various pollsters and political pundits, Democrats never stood a chance.

It’s Time to Fix the NBA Playoffs. Here’s How.

Is John Mulaney the Next Seinfeld? Akbar P. Virgie's Inheritance Mrs. Merlin must use his concealed talents and practiced charisma to save a town of innocent people before disaster strikes.

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Flair for languages. Magic powers.

Merry Lytton, or Merlin as he was once known, has been waiting for the return of his friend King Arthur for centuries. It's an eventful wait: only weeks ago, he stopped a wicked plot to magically erupt a nearby volcano. Merry's latest worry is the revelation of his immortality -- his modern-day friends are a little too curious. They do not need to know he has a history that could fill a library.

Unknown to Merlin, the organization Potestas is furious at his geologic meddling, and an enraged member of the group is determined to wreak vengeance. For the first time in Merlin's ancient life, he must confront an enemy that is vastly more powerful than himself. An immortal who might finally have met his match. Their mission is to gain unimaginable powers, and their charismatic leader has welcomed Merry but keeps a close eye on him.

Musings of a Nomad

He fears for his sanity when bodiless voices start taking over his mind. Against voices in his head and hostile spirits in the sea, can Merry stop Potestas before they unwittingly trigger a tsunami of epic proportions? What are centuries-old secrets worth? Potestas is determined to gain unimaginable powers for its members, and Merry holds the key to unlocking this ambition.

Musings - Oscilloscope Labs

In exchange, Potestas promises to reveal crucial information on Merry's heritage and answer questions he's had for centuries. But when Merry learns that Potestas plans a human sacrifice, he is in a race against evil. Can he save an innocent life before a destructive new reality is thrust upon an unsuspecting world?