Nobodys Slave: a life-changing voyage

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This book is all people. Must read.

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The memoir of a professional gambler, fighter and criminal who rode the riverboats of the Mississippi and Red Rivers. Fascinating, peculiar and very easy to read.

A dark and moving first-person narrative, about the conflicting drives for self-preservation and self-immolation inside all of us. Hunger is about a writer who is starving himself. He cannot write because he is starving and cannot eat because writing is how he makes his living.

Strangely modern for being published in and ultimately inspired a lot of great stream-of-consciousness writing since but influence goes unacknowledged because Knut was a Nazi sympathizer. This book is the preserved correspondence between Old Gorgon Graham, a self-made millionaire in Chicago, and his son who is coming of age and entering the family business.

Frederick Douglass

The letters date back to the s but feel like they could have been written in any era. Packed with good advice. This is the lost and translated book that came out of a series of pieces Johnson—perhaps the greatest boxer who ever lived—wrote for a French newspaper in You get the sense that he was an incredibly intelligent and sensitive man—clearly had a thirst for drama and attention. Who knows what place he would occupy in our culture and history had he not been taken down so thoroughly by racism and genuinely evil people?

But despite all that, he was always smiling. Well, the story of the fight is the story of a smile. If ever a man won by nothing more fatiguing than a smile, Johnson won today.

Vikings & Project Success Send MPS High Schoolers on ‘Life-Changing’ Trip

Far and away the best book ever written about WWI. And this book is forgotten precisely because it portrays the war and its pointlessness too realistically. By all accounts, it was destined to be a classic critical novel of the American Dream.

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In , William Seabrook was one of the most famous journalists in the world. He was also an alcoholic. But there was no treatment for his disease. So he checked himself into an insane asylum. There, from the perspective of a travel writer, he described his own journey through this strange and foreign place. Yet all his books are out of print and hard to find. Two of my copies are first editions from and It breaks your heart to know that just a few years or decades later, his options and outcome would have been so very different he eventually died of an opium overdose.

Fante has benefited from some recognition—mostly thanks to Bukowski championing him in his later years—but because the book is about Los Angeles and not New York City, it is mostly forgotten. Better than Gatsby, it is a series. Bandini, the subject of the series, is a wonderful example of someone whose actual life is ruined by the fantasies in his head—every second he spends stuck up there is one he wastes and spoils in real life.

These are two very short books but will help you understand the topics more than thousands of pages on the same topic by countless other writers. In my view, Hart is unquestionably the best writer on military strategy and history. It is such an honest and self-aware compilation of someone hell-bent on their own destruction.

John Dillinger was played by Johnny Depp. Most people know who he was—mostly because he died in a hail of bullets. In fact, he lived up until the s. Just enough time to do a couple decades at Alcatraz with guys like Al Capone. During a temporary transfer to an alternate prison, Karpis met a young weirdo named Charlie Manson and taught him how to play guitar. Written in by the famous journalist John Gunther about his death of his son, a genius, at 17 from a brain tumor, this book is deeply moving and profound.

Every young person will be awed by this young boy who knows he will die too soon and struggles to do it with dignity and purpose. His first, What Makes Sammy Run? Scott Fitzgerald. The writers are really almost the only ones, except for very honest politicians, who can make any dent on that system. I tried to do that. This is an essay, not a book, but if you have to read one thing about WWII, this is it. Sandlin is a master and the essay is free, read it. The daily notes of a strong but dying woman born , written in watching her life slowly leave her and wind to a close.

The wisdom in this thing is amazing and the fact that most people have no idea exists—and basically wait until the end of their life to start thinking about all this is very sad to me. Also I love her generation—alive during the time of Wyatt Earp yet lived to see man land on the moon. What an insane period of history.

The title essay in this book is peerless and amazing. The true story is simple: man in Siberia wounds tiger while hunting to feed his family. They bitch and moan, but never do anything….. The problem is, they have never experienced the satisfaction of a job well done, of accomplishment.

If that is how you see the world then I would not want to see it through your eyes.


This article was not about me but you would have had to get past yourself to realize that. Funny how different the responses are from the people who get it vs the people who do not. And looking through the comments you can see plain as day that there are two distinct ways of looking at this article. It empowers you because you understand the battle that is being waged between two forms of an individual ego, you see the passion of achievement and desire for truth.

They automatically make themselves in to the victim and then get mad because they think I am talking directly to them. These people are shallow and are the real selfish monsters around us. The ones that pretend to be tolerant and open while living a completely different way. Whatever you want to think. These words are my art.

You read them, as well as millions of other people.

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  • Obviously I did something right. I read your last reply and from the very 1st line, I can tell that I surely caused you confusion. Your response was not in unison with the comment i made previously. So if you misunderstood, it probably can be traced back to me not being clear. Its very tangled now, not sure is I actually can clear it up. I think where I caused confusion was in the whole 3rd paragraph. I can see where you might have thought I was talking about you. I was not.

    What I meant to say is that you made what I thought was a rhetorical comment…and like all rhetorical comments, they are not specific. So I was not suggesting at all that you were blaming other people and not yourself. Not Raymmar……but Steve Jobs, Jamie Dimon, Riley Bechtel, Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, the Keating 5, Michael Milken, the guy who was hired to dispose of small pox infected blankets but sold them to the indians, the guy who bought 10, defective rifles and sold them to the cavalry, and the list goes on and on and on.

    Then you reply on about evil and other things and mention that there are still good businessmen and politicians that want to do good….

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    Well, again. I do not ever remember saying you were wrong as far as any idea you had concerning how to fix it. I remember saying I agree w your whole rubics concept but dont remember saying you were wrong about anything…. As for my solution…. Steve Jobs shit on people, not me. Second, get rid of money, scarcity, and debt.