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And that means they have to be held to the same standard as any adult man or woman going through the same course. Ten new students are gearing up — their gear is literally on order — to start the class in the fall, Sydnor said. The first year, there were some hurdles to overcome as they worked out the logistics of offering the class at the high school, but the students met the challenges with hard work and determination, signaling how much potential the course could have, he said.

By the end of the year,. While Ethan chose not to comment, Holly Johnson said she and her husband were incredibly proud of their son and surprised at the effort the school put into the summer graduation ceremony for him. As an adult who room with charisma.

But made me feel valued. Washburn said he had the pleasure of coaching Ethan for more than six years and also taught him. Watching his growth and development on and off the court during that time has been tremendous, Washburn said.

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He added that he was surprised that Ethan decided to graduate early, and although he is sad not to have him in his senior year, he knows the young man can hand the transition. PHS students in the Firefighter I and II classes had to finish hundreds of hours of course work and They have to complete training to pass the course, including practicing building entry, fire supression and hazmat drills. In courses, Dr. Jason Tibbs, school grounds.

Both are necessary the Powhatan Today reals courses. Those have to courses to be hired as a cently to talk about their be completed before they firefighter anywhere in the experiences. However, organizers reasons for signing up for ing. And tion and I think it will grow thing different than playing they have to do all of this into being more of an addi- sports or maneuvering the while maintaining their tion.

One of the things that popularity game. She think they had a clue that in students to do a lot of the expand his learning capa- it without the smoke and took the EMT course that three months they would tactical training there on bilities and skills. He wants heat.

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She said she wanted prise for them. I have liked that he could help the need to know where ev- watched him up here run others, too. But I know he who also graduated in in different situations. That is with somebody that is June, was the fourth stu- means making a plan for going to make sure he does dent to complete the how to use the right tools as the right thing on that call course.

It is not an easy class. But all of but with the members of and do nothing. You have that studying and preparing their new companies. The students ing actually did become a agreed. What do you think of a group forming to specialize in technical rescues of large animals? E-mail answers to editor powhatantoday. In the Aug.

I visited Sugar Magnolia Horse Farm, which is owned by Powhatan resident Alexis Bray, because she was offering a basic handling class for animal control officers from Powhatan as well as Goochland and Chesterfield counties. Christine Boczar, I came to understand how much of a passion project this is for all of them. McNamara and Vornkahl have already done a great deal for the community through the Powhatan Equine Rescue League, which helps rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused horses.

And Sgt.

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Boczar and her fellow officers at Powhatan Animal Control work every day to help stray and abandoned animals around the county. But they want to go a step further and be prepared to rescue large animals in need that are in emergency situ-. Now, I am going to date myself a little bit here.

When Sgt. Corporal Ashley Gatewood takes part in a basic horse handling course as part of the groundwork being laid during the formation of the Central Virginia Technical Large Animal Rescue. Fantasy aside, the second image that came to mind was one many of you may remember. On April 11, , a year-old quarterhorse named Belle became trapped in a swimming pool and had to be rescued. Dozens of emergency workers and other volunteers worked together to help the horse escape from the pool with only one cut that needed stitches and some other superficial abrasions.

And with a designated group that has a broader knowledge and the right equipment, hopefully the next time a large animal needs to be rescued in an emergency situation, it also will have a happy ending. For those of you interested in learning more about the group, it will have a member meeting at p. Anyone interested in becoming involved may attend. Whitt for District 4 of the Powhatan Board of Supervisors. I have known Eddie for many years, and he is both a good citizen and patriot.

He has always been involved in community activities and set a great example of citizenship.

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He has demonstrated a concern for the environment and was a founding member of the Huguenot Beekeepers Association. As a pilot, he has always done things with precision and will provide the leadership necessary to see that changes for responsible growth are done properly. I can think of no other candidate with the experience and common sense necessary for the job. I give my full support for Eddie for supervisor. Tax proposed homes to reap funds for road construction Dear Editor, Powhatan County needs to set aside funds for local road construction. Powhatan County is currently looking at approving high end homes with the Ellis Farms Development and the Donnelly Creek Development.

The biggest issue though is Page Road and Manakintown Ferry Road will need a major multi-million dollar reconstruction to handle all this new traffic. Both roads have no room to pass a stopped car without going into the ditch. Both roads also have tons of blind spots, making them dangerous for cars and bikes to navigate, especially at night. Page Road in its current shape can only handle a few hundred cars a day. When they build these homes, they will add at least 1, car trips a day to Page Road.

Page Road will need to be reconstructed with two foot-wide travel lanes and two 8-foot-wide paved shoulders to meet modern road construction standards. The new paved shoulders could also be called bike lanes to make Powhatan County hip among the local bike riding community and have room for cars to safely pass golf carts.

They also will need to add a sidewalk to one side of Page Road and Manakintown Ferry Road because the developments will have new sidewalk systems.

1. Seek God's wisdom.

Pedestrians will be able to start safely walking to WalMart. There are some possible examples of how paying for road construction could work. If Powhatan County diverted 30 percent of the existing taxes towards roads, the new home owners in the two developments would not have their taxes go up. Another possibility is Powhatan County could. On top of that, they could divert 20 percent of the existing taxes collected on these homes toward local road improvements.

The home owners of the existing older homes on Page Road would not have their taxes go up if the new homes had to pay an extra 10 percent to 20 percent in taxes toward road improvements.

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The tax revenue set aside from these homes would pay for a road construction bond for Page Road and Manakintown Ferry Road. The road funding bond would reconstruct all 2.

The road bond would also build the missing 0. Any new homes built along Manakintown Ferry Road or Page Road would feed into these road bonds until they are paid off. Any extra tax increases set on the new homes would sun set as soon as the road bonds are paid off. Carl Schwendeman Powhatan County.