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I bet you these books would be financially successful in English either. How many less promising books get published on a daily basis?

Her stepfather is desperate to sell the failing family business and will give Rockwell anything to the seal the deal…including Fiona. Paul envies Rose. He wants her marriage, he wants her body, he wants her life. Now Rose is trapped, helpless in her own body as Paul takes over. Sarrazin is bound to get a lot of hysterical reactions from the left, but the truth is his new book sounds sloppy and unconvincing. When you start arguing Islam is simply bad on theological grounds it is hard to see what expertise Sarrazin actually brings to the table.

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The problem with Islam is not the Koran, which can be interpreted in all sorts of ways, just like the Bible, the problem is the historical legacy of the Ottoman empire in most of North Africa and the Middle East. For most of Ottoman history Islam was the religion of peasants and warriors, with higher IQ occupations such as finance, trade and engineering left to the Christian and Jewish populations in the Empire. Even a lot of governance was in the hands of Christian converts. The collapse of the Empire led to the emigration of much of the high IQ Armenians, Copts, Jews, and Greeks out of the region,while simultaneously the introduction of Western-style health care and agricultural tech allowed the low IQ Muslim peasant populations in Anatolia, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Iran and Syria to explode.

A shared sense of Islamic identity aggravates that issue which is why Afghans can feel justified raping Swedes but has nothing to do with Islam qua theology. I think that just as we have the concept of revealed preference in economics, we can posit a concept of revealed theology in religion. Think of it as historical-theological regression to the mean. White Europeans are allowing in Middle East and North African Muslims and sub-Saharan Africans, and these groups are civilization killers, at least killers of civilizations that even resemble Western societies.

OTOH, did they even exist back in ? Those Muslims will not find the Christian Cultural Package suits their temperaments and of course the Muslim Cultural Package is more suited to their genetically determined temperaments. Trump puts Dugin on sanctions list. Amazon bans Arktos books by Dugin, because Trump.