Werewolves At Bridgemont High Part 2

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Werewolves At Bridgemont High

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  5. It looked vaguely like a little baby, with its curled-up legs and thin, sticklike arms. It was about two feet long and covered with dark brown skin that looked like cracked, dry leather. The head was like a human skull, but instead of teeth, it bore a sharp, curved beak like a big bird The eye sockets were empty--big and dark and round, but the face seemed to be almost grinning.

    Oh my word, I started an internet search for this book based on my incomplete recollections of reading it as a child Thanks for the scans and the recap! Hot damn! I took this book out of the Lewis F. Soule elementary school library over and over and over again. To this day I remember being absolutely freaked out by the ending of the Wendigo story I just bought a used copy of this book on amazon Was searching for Wendigo's Child so I could properly retell it to my son.

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    It's even creepier than I remembered! Got this book from my grandmother, it scared me half to death, would always have nightmares of me being in the boys shoes at the end of Wendigo's Child. I was so afraid of the book and it would so easily conjure bad dreams and memories that for a while I couldn't even be in the same room as it. Still have a copy but it is falling apart. Considering getting the wendigo as a tattoo concept.


    Got this book as a child from my Nana, never got past Wendigo's child because it scared me half to death. I had reoccuring nightmares of the ending of Wendigo's child to the point where I had my grandmother hold on to the book because I didn't even want to be in the same room as it.

    Found it at her place years later, and now that she's gone i'm considering getting the wendigo pic as a tattoo concept. Thanks for posting this. I was crazy about this book as a kid.