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For more photos of Mugabe and his long career, go here.

Eye To Eye: Crisis In Zimbabwe

Speaking to CNN this morning, Hain said:. He took over the country when it had such promise and we were all so hopeful.

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In fact, we were hopeful about him, but he completely lost his way and I think ruined the chance of a country that did have a great future. A hero to a brutal dictator". The United States Embassy in Harare has tweeted their condolences to Mugabe's family and to the people of Zimbabwe, focusing on Mugabe's "legacy in securing" the country's independence.

Mugabe died while at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore

There are some figures in our African history with which the African people have a very complicated relationship. Across the length and breadth of this continent, there are many people who value Robert Mugabe's contribution to African history. And there are many people who revile his sudden turn to autocracy and dictatorship. If it was not for Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe would not have come into being. He took power when all of southern Africa -- South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe -- were all in a great grip of apartheid.

But that kind of control of liberating his people turned very sour very fast.

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  • As we talk about these things, Zimbabwe became one of the most educated countries in all of Africa through his education policies. One of the first things Mugabe when he became prime minister in was to impose a year ban on any Zimbabwean land reform or distribution of farmland.

    A visit to CBM’s sight-saving programme in Zimbabwe

    Under British rule, the best farm land had been reserved for the white population, with blacks working on the farms. The Land Acquisition Act allowed Mugabe to force rich white farmers to give up their property and redistribute it to poor and landless blacks. A year later, he threatened to expel white landowners who objected to the rules. No compensation was paid to those land owners. Mugabe said the reforms were needed to compensate blacks for years of colonial abuse.

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    • But his critics say that the land was handed out to his political allies and supporters, many of whom had little to no farming experience. And in , Zimbabwe suffered through a countrwide food shortage, exasperated by severe drought and tough weather conditions. Although her daughter supports her by buying the essential HIV drugs, the illness began to affect her eyesight, resulting in the removal of her right eye.

      So Matthew has been an essential support to his granny, leading her around the house, avoiding obstacles and showing her where the toilet is. He has become very close to his grandmother. Although her vision is not perfect after surgery, it has given her back some independence and the chance to earn a living — and Matthew can go to school.

      I am tempted to say that Reason was one of the lucky ones, as we support around 1, cataract operations each year in Zimbabwe, but I have recently discovered that a survey carried out by CBM, highlighted a shortage of services and around 60, cataract surgeries still to be carried out. With decaying and inadequate hospital services, CBM is the only charity supporting eye health in Zimbabwe and it occurred to me that even with CBM, the challenges for the government are huge. The story of Reason was in no way unique.

      Ugandan leader calls for eye-for-an-eye-style sentences after nephew murdered | diabercieran.tk

      Each person I spoke to seemed to have additional challenges in their lives, despite the eye health problem that we had managed to help resolve. I remember waking up early on several mornings in tears wondering if there is anything more we can do, anything more that I could do. Well maybe you feel the same and if you would like to make a difference join us to make a lasting change. Please pray for the work of CBM in Zimbabwe and all of those living in poverty and struggling with sight problems, and donate to restore sight for more people like Reason if you can.